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    • The Party's Just Beginning

      Cinema Release
      THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING - 1st December
      Production Designer – Jason Carlin


      TX Dates
      ELIZABETH IS MISSING - 8th Dec – on BBC One @ 9pm

      1st Assitant Director – Graham Drover

    • Traces

      TX Dates
      TRACES - 9th Dec – on Alibi

      Costume Designer – Jacky Levy

    • Responsible Child

      TX Dates
      RESPONSIBLE CHILD - 16th Dec – on BBC Two

      Costume Designer – Charlie Jones

    • Responsible Child

      TX Dates
      THE TRIAL OF CHRSITINE KEELER - 29th Dec on BBC One @ 9pm

      Director of Photography – Joel Devlin

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In Cinemas this month…
THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING – When her best friend commits suicide, Liusaidh spirals into a mid-20s crisis, dealing with her grief through binge-drinking and casual sex with strangers. Nothing seems to give her the answers she needs and ultimately, she is left to confront herself, and what's truly haunting her.
Featuring: Karen Gillan, Kate Dickie, Matthew Beard
Director: Karen Gillan
Producers: Mali Elfman, Claire Mundell
Production Designer – Jason Carlin

On TV this month…
ELIZABETH IS MISSING – Elizabeth is Missing is adapted from Emma Healey's bestselling 2014 novel about a woman called Maud, who must attempt to piece together what has happened to her best friend Elizabeth whilst she struggles with dementia. As Maud becomes more forgetful, the distinctions between past and present begin to blur — and she starts to wonder whether the mystery is connected to the decades-old unsolved disappearance of her own sister, Sukey.
Featuring: Glenda Jackson, Helen Behan, Sophie Rundle
Director: Aisling Walsh
Producer: Chrissy Skinns
1st Assitant Director – Graham Drover

TRACES – In this suspense-filled drama, Emma Hedges returns to Dundee to start her new job as a lab technician. When she enrolls on an online course that teaches the principles of forensic science, she is given the example of a "fictitious" unsolved murder case and immediately recognises the victim as her Mum who was murdered when she was seven. Determined to discover what happened, Emma decides to investigate for herself, taking her into dark corners as she unpicks secrets and soon realises she should trust no one. But will she bring her mother's killer to justice?
Featuring: Molly Windsor, Laura Fraser, Martin Compston
Directors: Rebecca Gatward, Mary Nighy
Producer: Juliet Charlesworth
Costume Designer – Jacky Levy

RESPONSIBLE CHILD – Ray is a 12-year-old boy, standing trial as an adult in court, for murder. Inspired by a true story, this remarkable drama unfolds in two time-frames; the events that led up to the murder and the jaw-clenching trial itself. Ray and his 23-year-old brother Nathan are arrested after stabbing their mother's partner, but whatever the circumstances the law is clear: the age of criminal responsibility is 10, and at 12 years-old Ray's adulthood begins now, and with the unimaginable weight of a lifetime behind bars.
Featuring: Michelle Fairley, Own McDonnell, Billy Barratt
Director: Nick Holt
Producer: Elinor Day
Costume Designer – Charlie Jones

THE TRIAL OF CHRISTINE KEELER – The most infamous sex scandal in British History, the Trial of Christine Keeler takes us back to the 1960's as John Profumo, Secretary of State for War engaged in an affair with Keeler. Adding even more fuel to an already scandalous fire, Keeler was also in relationship with a Soviet agent at the time which, given the political climate, created a truly sensational trial.  This fresh retelling of the story is through the eyes of John Profumo's wife, Valerie – showing how she supported her husband during his darkest days and dealt with both the political and personal impact.
Featuring: Sophie Cookson, James Norton, Ben Miles
Directors: Andrea Harkin, Leanne Welham
Producer: Rebecca Ferguson
Director of Photography – Joel Devlin


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