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Latest releases

    • The Nun

      Cinema Release
      The Nun - 6th September
      Costume Designer – Sharon Gilham

    • The Wife

      Cinema Release
      THE WIFE - 28th September
      1st Assistant Director – Jude Campbell

    • Black 47

      Cinema Release
      BLACK 47 - 28th September
      Production Sound Mixer – Robert Flanagan

    • Vanity Fair

      TX Dates
      VANITY FAIR - 2nd Sept - 14th Oct on ITV @ 9pm
      First Assistant Director – Liam Lock


      TX Dates
      BLACK EARTH RISING - 10th Sept - 29th Oct on BBC2 @ 9pm
      DP / Camera Operator – Dirk Nel

    • Strangers

      TX Dates
      STRANGERS - 10th Sept - 19th Oct on ITV @ 9pm
      Costume Designer – Charlotte Morris

Latest news

September 2018

In cinema's this month...

THE NUN – When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a huanted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order's unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in "The Conjuring 2", as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the dead.
Featuring Taissa Farmiga, Demián Bichir, Bonnie Aarons.
Director: Corin Hardy
Producers: Peter Safran, James Wan
Costume Designer – Sharon Gilham

THE WIFE interweaves the story of the couple's youthful passion and ambition with a portrait of a marriage, thirty-plus years later - a lifetime's shared compromises, secrets, betrayals, and mutual love. After nearly forty years of marriage, Joan and Joe Castleman are complements. Where Joe is casual, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is vain, Joan is self-effacing. And where Joe enjoys his very public role as Great American Novelist, Joan pours her considerable intellect, grace, charm, and diplomacy into the private role of Great Man's Wife. Joe is about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his acclaimed and prolific body of work and as they travel together to Stockholm Joan questions her life choices.
Featuring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater
Director: Bjorn Runge P
roducers: Claudia Bluemhuber, Peter Gustafsson, Rosalie Swedlin, Meta Foldager, Piers Tempest
First Assistant Director – Jude Campbell

BLACK 47 – "Maybe people would place more value on beauty if they could eat it."…. The year is 1847, Ireland's Great Famine is scarcely even approaching its devastating midpoint, and this barbed observation is in response to an English landlord's callous remark about how the ragged and starving locals show no appreciation for the stark grandeur of the Connemara landscape. This taut revenge thriller follows Feeney, a former British soldier, who returns home to discover an Ireland swamped in catastrophe. Those family members that survived starvation have been annihilated by a cruel ascendency eager to secure exclusive, uncomplicated control of the land and so he launches a violent campaign of retribution.
Featuring James Frecheville, Hugo Weaving, Barry Keoghan.
Director: Lance Daly
Producers: Arcadiy Golubovich, Macdara Kelleher, Jonathan Loughran, Tim O'Hair
Production Sound Mixer – Robert Flanagan

On TV this month…

VANITY FAIR – A new adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's novel set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars and follows the journey of our beautiful and charming antihero, Becky Sharp. Born to a French opera dancer and a poor, drunken artist, she is orphaned as a teenager and accepted at Miss Pinkerton's academy for young ladies to teach French in exchange for her schooling and upkeep. Once she goes out in the world, Becky is determined to rise in society – by any means necessary. At heart she is selfish and uncaring, but she is an excellent manipulator and uses her intelligence, wit and feminine charms to fend for herself.
Featuring Olivia Cooke, Frances de la Tour, Suranne Jones
Directors: James Strong, Jonathan Entwistle
Producer: Julia Stannard
First Assistant Director – Liam Lock

BLACK EARTH RISING, written, directed and produced by the BAFTA-winner Hugo Blick, is one of the most hotly anticipated dramas of the year. This international thriller is about the prosecution of international war crimes and the West's relationship with contemporary Africa and will explore issues of justice, guilt and self-determination across Europe, the UK, Africa and the USA. We follow Kate Ashby, a woman who, as a young child, was rescued during the Rwandan genocide and brought to Britain. Her adoptive mother Eve Ashby is a world class British prosecutor in international criminal law, and now Kate has followed in her footsteps – working as a legal investigator in the law chambers of Michael Ennis. But when Eve prosecutes an African militia leader at the International Criminal Court, the story takes an unexpected turn for everyone involved.
Featuring Michaela Coel, John Goodman, Harriet Walter
Writer/Director: Hugo Blick
Producer: Abi Bach
Director of Photography (Ghana) Eps 1, 8 – Dirk Nel
Director of Photography (2018) Eps, 5, 6 – Dirk Nel

STRANGERS could be one of the most thrilling dramas of the year, with enough twists and turns to have you enthralled from the very first episode. Professor Jonah Mulray's world unravels when his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong. Though his wife lived and worked there for six months, Jonah's fear of flying has stopped him from ever visiting. Now forced to abandoned his sheltered life, he must venture across the world to identify her body. However once he arrives he discovers a shocking truth and is plunged into a web of conspiracy, chaos and danger.
Featuring John Simm, Katie Leung, Emilia Fox
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Producer: Matthew Bird
Costume Designer – Charlotte Morris

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