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Latest releases

    • Wild Honey Pie

      Cinema Release
      Wild Honey Pie - 14th June
      Producer - David Wade

    • Black Mirror

      TX Dates
      Black Mirror: Smithereens - 5th June on Netflix
      Production Sound Mixer - Richard Dyer
    • Black Mirror

      TX Dates
      Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too - 5th June on Netflix
      Make-Up and Hair Designer - Line Kolaasaeter
    • Wild Bill

      TX Dates
      Wild Bill - 9th June on ITV1 @ 9pm
      Costume Designer - Charlie Jones

Latest news

June 2019

In cinemas this month…

WILD HONEY PIE – Gillian is an aspiring playwright married to Oliver, a small-time DJ for all occasions. Their marriage has hit the Seven Year Itch, and this neurotic pair want to scratch that itch until it bleeds.
Featuring Jemima Kirk, Alice Lowe, Joanna Scanlan
Director: Jamie Adams
Producers: David Wade, Jamie Adams, Noel Clarke, Jason Maza, Maggie Monteith

On TV this month…

BEECHAM HOUSE - This lavish, epic and visually spectacular new drama series follows the fortunes of the residents of the imposing and beautiful mansion, Beecham House, at the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi, India. Enigmatic, soulful, former soldier, John Beecham, owns the mansion and is determined to begin a new life there with his family. However he is haunted by his past and troubled by dangerous enemies in high places. Add rival suitors competing for his heart and discord with family members and you know that his plan for a new life will not run smoothly.
Featuring Tom Bateman, Dakota Blue Richards, Marc Warren
Director/Writer: Gurinder Chadha OBE
Producer: Caroline Levy
Editor - Josh Cunliffe (Episodes 2, 4, 5)

BLACK MIRROR: Smithereens – A cab driver with an agenda becomes the centre of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control.
Featuring Andrew Scott, Topher Grace, Damson Idris
Director: James Hawes
Producer: Madonna Baptiste
Production Sound Mixer – Richard Dyer

BLACK MIRROR: Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too – A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favourite pop star - whose charmed existence isn't quite as rosy it appears...
Featuring Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport
Director: Anne Sewitsky
Producer: Nick Pitt
Make-Up and Hair Designer – Line Kolaasaeter

KILLING EVE – The smash-hit riveting psychosexual thriller returns. The opening episode deftly picks up 30 seconds after the finale episode for season one with Eve having just stabbed Villanelle and is now fleeing Villanelle's Paris apartment building. In less than two minutes there's subterfuge, streaks of blood, paranoia, and a phone that rings ominously….the scene is set for the games and chase to continue, but whom is chasing who?
Featuring Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw
Directors: Damon Thomas, Lisa Brüelmann, Francesca Gregorini
Producer: Elinor Day
Costume Designer – Charlotte Mitchell

WILD BILL – US police chief Bill Hixon lands in Lincolnshire with his 14 year-old daughter Kelsey, hoping to flee their recent painful past. The new community forces Bill to question everything about himself.
Featuring Rob Lowe, Anjli Mohindra, Divian Ladwa
Directors: Charles Martin, Annie Griffin, John Hardwick
Producers: Chris Thompson, Peter McAleese
Costume Designer – Charlie Jones

ACKLEY BRIDGE – It's time to head back to the locker-lined corridors of Ackley Bridge College. The merging of two schools causes plenty of problems for headmistress Mandy who has to deal with explosive fall-outs and problem pupils.
Featuring Jo Joyner, Liz White, Paul Nicholls
Director: Rachna Suri
Producer: Jo Johnson
Director of Photography – Dirk Nel (Episodes 5, 6)

POLDARK - Returning for the final series of this brooding drama about Ross Poldark, we jump into a new century and with it comes the promise of a hopeful future, but the past casts a long shadow over Cornwall.
Featuring Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jack Farthing
Directors: Sallie Aprahamian, Justin Molotnikov
Producer: Michael Ray
Editor – Adam Green (Episodes 2, 5, 8)


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