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May 2018

On general release in cinema's this month...

THAT GOOD NIGHT – Ralph, a once-famous screenwriter in his seventies, is terminally ill. He has two final missions: to reconnect with his son, and to ensure he is not a burden to his wife. A tearful farewell to John Hurt in his final film. Also featuring Sofia Helin, Charles Dance
Director: Eric Styles Producers: Alan Latham, Charles Savage
Costume Designer – Charlotte Morris
Make-Up and Hair Designer – Lesley Lamont-Fisher

SHOW DOGS – In a world where humans and sentient dogs co-exist, a macho but lonely Rottweiler police dog named Max is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious dog show with his human partner Frank to prevent a disaster from happening. Featuring Will Arnett, Ludacris, Alan Cumming
Director: Raja Gosnell Producers: Deepak Nayar, Philip von Alvensleben
Line Producer – Paul Sarony

On TV this month…

A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL - A gay affair, a bungled plot and a dead dog on Exmoor were the ingredients of what came to be dubbed "the trial of the century". At its centre was Jeremy Thorpe - leader of the Liberal Party, a pillar of the establishment and the first British politician to be tried for conspiracy and incitement to murder. Now, almost 40 years on from Thorpe's sensational acquittal, the story behind the case is being retold in a three-part BBC drama. Featuring Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw
Director: Stephen Frears Producer: Dan Winch
Production Sound Mixer - Alistair Crocker

INNOCENT – Four-part thrilling crime drama. David Collins is unexpectedly acquitted on a technicality having served seven years of a life sentence for the murder of his wife Tara. On the steps of the court he vows to bring to book those who lied at his original trial, to see the real killer jailed and more importantly, to regain custody of his two young children Jack and Rosie. Featuring Lee Ingleby, Hannah Britland, Angel Coulby
Director: Richard Clark Producer: Jeremy Gwilt
Director of Photography – Dirk Nel
Production Designer – Jason Carlin

KILLED BY MY DEBT– From the makers of MURDERED BY MY FATHER and MURDERED FOR BEING DIFFERENT, this docu-drama tells the story of a young man trying to provide for his family whilst working on a zero-hour contract with increasing debts that threaten to destroy his life. Featuring Calvin Demba, Lisa Greenwood, Chance Perdomo
Director: Joseph Bullman Producer: Chris Clough
Script Supervisor – Maria-Laura Hanson

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