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Latest releases

    • Girlfriends

      TX Dates
      GIRLFRIENDS - 3 Jan-7 Feb @ 9pm on ITV
      Production Designer – John Collins

    • Slient Witness

      TX Dates
      SILENT WITNESS - 8 Jan - 6 Feb on BBC1 @ 9pm
      Costume Designer – Jacky Levy

    • Next of Kin

      TX Dates
      NEXT OF KIN - 8th Jan - 12th Feb on ITV @ 9pm
      1st Asst Director – Liam Lock (Eps 1-3)
      Editor - Josh Cunliffe (Eps 4-6)

    • Kiri

      TX Dates
      KIRI - 10th - 31st Jan on C4 @ 9pm
      Production Sound Mixer - Nigel Albermaniche

    • The Coronation

      TX Dates
      THE CORONATION -  14th Jan 2018 @ 8pm on BBC1
      Royal Historian & Coronation Expert Alastair Bruce

Latest news

January 2018

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year along with much joy, good health and great success for 2018!

A huge congratulations to all BAFTA nominees! Particularly to the SFX team nominated for a BAFTA for Best Special Visual Effects for BLADE RUNNER 2049 - VFX Production Supervisor, Marcia Gay

YARDIE has it's World Premiere AND Is in the World Dramatic Cinema Competition at the 34th Sundance Film Festival '18 (18th-28th January 2018). Elba's directorial debut is a 70s-set crime drama, based on the cult-pulp novel by Victor Headley. YARDIE tells the story of a young man's (Aml Ameen) rite of passage through the Jamaican criminal underworld. Ten years later on a mission for his boss in London, the young man discovers that the guy who killed his brother way back when is now living in the city.
"I am interested in making human stories with characters that are either full of grace or flawed,"
Director: Idris Elba, Screenwriters: Brock Norman Brock, Martin Stellman, Producers: Gina Carter, Robin Gutch
Production Sound Mixer - Robert Flanagan

On TV this month…

GIRLFRIENDS – The creator of Fat Friends, In the Club and Love, Lies & Records – is back with  another new series. The ITV drama follows Linda, Sue and Gail as they struggle with the changes and responsibilities that come with being a modern woman in the “sandwich generation” – in other words, they’re caring for both their grandchildren and their own ageing parents.  Featuring Miranda Richardson, Phyllis Logan, Zoe Wanamaker
Director: Kay Mellor    Producer: Josh Dynevor
Production Designer - John Collins

SILENT WITNESS 21 – The hugely popular series returns with Home Office Pathologist, Dr Nikki Alexander, and team of forensic pathologists and scientists at the Lyell Centre investigating and solving crimes.  This season may also see Nikki finding love with the US Ambassador to London.
Featuring Emilia Fox, David Caves, Richard Lintern, Liz Carr
Directors: Charlie Palmer, Destiny Ekaragha,  Diarmuid Goggins, Thaddeus O'Sullivan, Colin Teague    Producer: Kiaran Murray-Smith
Costume Designer – Jacky Levy

NEXT OF KIN The drama follows whip-smart doctor Mona Harcourt who lives in London with political lobbyist husband Guy. When a bomb goes off in London on the same day that her brother, Kareem, is abducted and murdered in Pakistan, Mona’s charmed life is shaken to its core. The situation escalates when Mona realises that her nephew has vanished from university and is being linked to both the bombing and the murder of his father. Featuring Archie Panjabi, Jack Davenport, Navin Chowdhry
Directors: Justin Chadwick, Jamie Childs  Producer: Rebecca Ferguson
1st Assistant Director - Liam Lock (Eps 1-3)
Film Editor - Josh Cunliffe (Eps 4-6)

KIRI Miriam, an experienced social worker who is caught up in a police investigation when a young girl named Kiri goes missing on a supervised visit. A drama dealing with the abduction and murder of a young black girl, soon to be adopted by her white foster family, and the trail of lies, blame, guilt and notoriety which follow. Featuring Sarah Lancashire, Steven Mackintosh, Lia Williams
Director: Euros Lyn    Producer: Toby Bentley
Production Sound Mixer - Nigel Albermaniche

THE CORONATION – In a rare television appearance HRH The Queen talks in conversation with royal historian and commentator, Alastair Bruce, about her 1953 coronation. 2018 marks the 65th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the throne and in this one hour special she shares her memories of that day. She also talks about her father, George VI’s coronation in 1937, which she attended when she was 11 years old. Viewing both private and official film footage, The Queen recalls the day when the weight of both St. Edward’s Crown and the hopes and expectations of a country recovering from war were on her shoulders, as the nation looked to their 27-year-old Queen to lead them into a new era.
The film also explores the story of the Crown Jewels, which form part of the Royal Collection, one of the largest and most important art collections in the world. Consisting of 140 items and containing 23,000 precious stones, these sacred objects form the most complete collection of royal regalia in the world. Coronation expert and key contributor Alastair Bruce says: “The Crown Jewels include The Regalia, which are used at a coronation, when the monarch is invested with the best known, if least understood, symbols of this kingdom. Post boxes, Police helmets, Income Tax Returns and almost every visual expression of the United Kingdom displays a Crown and Orb.
"The meaning of each of the key objects has evolved from emblems of authority that date way back before the Saxons arrived. Yet there is an enduring relevance to modern leadership wrapped into each symbol that express values of humility, duty and service, while representing total power. Discovering their meaning helps to define what the Sovereign is to the Crown and how that Crown is the property of us all, in the constitutional function of Monarchy.”
Executive Producer:  Anthony Geffen    Producer / Director:  Harvey Lilley
Royal Historian & Key Contributor – Alastair Bruce OBE

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