About us

About Creative Media Management

Creative Media Management was formed in July 1999 by Jacqui Fincham to represent a select group of writers, directors and technicians in Film and Television. In June 2001, the personal management company, KCPM - the first agency in the U.K. to solely represent Film, Television and Theatre technicians was embraced, and the family grew.


Our team

Jacqui Fincham

With a scriptwriter for a father and an agent and film producer for a mother perhaps it was inevitable that Jacqui would end up in the ‘business’. She produced many award-winning commercials and had her own music library company prior to becoming an agent in 1992 when she joined KCPM. She was joint-managing director when she left to start Creative Media Management.


Gabriel Pac

Gabriel has had a lifelong passion for film, winning Best Director at Rhode Island International Film Fest. for his first short after Uni. Gabriel went on to work in the frantic, joyful world of theatre production for several years. Most recently he was a Junior Agent at a successful boutique theatrical agency. He is never happier than when he is watching or talking about film, ideally surrounded by dogs.


Siân Gordon

Siân studied theatre and film at Royal Holloway University of London and began her professional life as an actor.  She went on to represent actors, theatre creatives and screen directors and is excited to expand further on this in the world of film and television. When not working you will probably find her climbing rocks or cheering on the Rams.


Fred and Lucie

Much loved by all, they are legends in their own right and take their work very seriously as the welcoming committee for all newcomers and deliveries.