About us

About Creative Media Management

One of the leading boutique agencies for nearly twenty years, Creative Media is recognised as representing many of the most talented and accomplished Heads of Department working in the Film and Television industry. Our ethos is simply to be the best in every way for our clients and the industry we all work in and we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge, dedication and quality of personal management.

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." Orson Welles


Our team

Jacqui Fincham - Agent

Born into the industry she knew her way around a film set at a very early age and was privileged to have spent time with, and so learning from, many film legends both in front and behind the camera. Prior to becoming an agent Jacqui was an award-winning commercials producer and co-founded a music library company. In the rare times she is not working she will likely be cooking one of her legendary lunches with a Sipsmith's gin on the go, listening to Bill Evans and ensuring that the dogs don't make off with the main course!


Louise Bedford - Agent

Having studied Literature and Theatre at the University of Kent, Louise has always been passionate about discovering and nurturing talent. Previously an agent representing actors and writers for the last six years, she is excited to work with a broader spectrum of talent in Film and Television. Off duty, you'll find her reading crime thrillers with an espresso martini in hand, preferably overlooking a Cornish beach.


Joel Frosh - Junior Agent

After gaining experience at various production companies and graduating with an MA in Screenwriting, Joel joined CMM as an assistant in April 2017. Having quickly progressed to a Junior Agent role, he is eager to build CMM's client base and work with up-and-coming talent. Brought up by two psychotherapists, Joel is a good listener and won't charge by the hour. Outside of work, Joel can be found at the cinema or playing music at one of London's dingier venues.


Molly Caton-Jones - Agent's Assistant / Office Manager

Having also grown up with a family in the industry, Molly has worked in many different aspects of Film and TV. Her experience ranges from working on the script through to shoot and post production. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of film trivia, writes shorts and feature films, spends most of her time at the cinema and is keen for dog-friendly cinemas (with the prerequisite sofas) to become the next trend. She loves David Mitchell and Xavier Dolan films and, being obsessed with French cinema and culture, she spent two years living in France which also indulged her love of good food and resulted in a small, but manageable, addiction to café noisette (espresso with a tiny dash of milk.)


Oliver Tan - Accounts

Oliver has been the accountant at CMM since 1999. With over 20 years accountancy experience in the specialised field of the Film and TV industry, in Oliver we trust.


Fred and Lucie

Much loved by all, they are legends in their own right and take their work very seriously as the welcoming committee for all newcomers and deliveries.

"Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses." Elizabeth Taylor