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Alastair Reid


The Living And The Dead

Credits Include

Title Genre Director  /  Producer
Endeavour 1960’s Mystery Crime Drama Brady Hood / John Phillips
Jamestown Period Drama Sam Donovan  /  Sue de Beauvoir
The Living and The Dead  Period Supernatural Drama Sam Donovan / Eliza Mellor 
Traders Thriller Rachel Moriarty, Peter Murphy / Libby Durdy,
Rachel Lysaght, Stuart Switzer
Black Mirror Satirical Drama

Brian Welsh  /  Barney Reisz

Outpost Action Horror Sci-Fi Steve Barker  /  Arabella Croft, Kieran Parker

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Additional Information

Experienced with: AVID Film Composer, Xpress, DNA, Final Cut Pro, Hi-Def, 16mm and 35mm.

Countries worked in:  UK, Finland, Norway.