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Joel Devlin

Director of Photography

The Frankenstein Chronicles

Recent credits

Title Genre Director  /  Producer
The Trial of Christine Keeler Drama Andrea Harkin / Rebecca Ferguson
The ABC Murders 1930's Mystery Crime Thriller Alex Gabassi / Farah Abushwesha
Come Home Drama Andrea Harkin  /  Madonna Baptiste
The Frankenstein Chronicles  Period Mystery Crime Drama Series

Alex Gabassi / Lawrence Till

Broken Drama Series Ashley Pearce, Noreen Kershaw / Colin McKeown, Donna Molloy
Winter Drama Heidi Greensmith  /  Tilly Wood

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News & Documentary EMMY Nomination for Outstanding Lighting Direction & Scenic Design (‘Mankind: The Story of All of Us’)

Additional Information

Countries worked in:  Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Tunisia, UK, US.